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  1. Here we go NAZI'S are back
  2. Defeat Indiana Senator Richard Lugar
  3. Cockfighters can file a " CIVIL LAWSUIT" against pacelle/H.$.U.S ??
  4. Ohio Felony Cockfighting Bill
  5. Flaws of Law against Cockfighting
  6. ATTN: Texas Cockers
  7. fellow cockers,please go oppose hr2492
  8. "Just how game are you?"
  9. this article mentions gamerooster.com and this site so they are watching
  10. Suggestion
  11. Oppose Bill HR 2492
  12. Sheriff defends his county's cattlemen against the feds.
  13. New York cockers
  14. Enemy
  15. This is bad
  16. I need to contact these people in Alabama
  17. ATT: Time to hit them in the pocket!
  18. The "True Bond"!
  19. New San Diego County Ordinance
  20. U.S. cockers
  21. All States
  22. The Truth about cockfighting, cockfighting and H.$.U.S
  23. Any info on the laws of gamefowl??
  24. Pacelle attacks cockfighters
  25. Gamefowl owners FILED a Lawsuit against H$US Sponsored cockfighting laws in Solano
  26. "Update" Letter from Frank Losey
  27. Already had the lies planned
  28. Couple filed a Civil lawsuits against pacelle, H.S.U.S, sheriff dept.
  29. Grinding America Down
  30. The Clemson report
  31. Tanks against Farmers....
  32. lawsuit....steven seagal
  33. Arizona law
  34. "New Texas Law"
  35. More good info
  36. ATT: Cali Cockers
  37. something good!!!!
  38. Att all cockers and breeders nation wide!
  39. Oppose bills supported by the H$US
  40. Concealed Handgun carry permit owners!
  41. Email new US JOB CZAR Michael Rossi to TAX, regulate Cockfighting
  43. LAWS
  44. Activists
  45. Banned in the U.S.A.
  46. Butchering
  47. its time!!!!!
  48. “Gator (Alligator) Hunters” Animal Rights people.
  49. "Who we are"
  50. What can you do about the continual Enroachment of your RIGHTS/Freedom at the hands
  51. 'Hitler NAZI was marked by a preoccupation with animal rights"
  53. Cities & counties cannot violate the fourth amendment
  54. South Carolina Animal farmers & hunters
  55. Ron Paul
  56. Gamefowl News
  57. Boudroux Family wins suit against Louisiana ****
  58. PET@ Uses Porn To Promote Cause
  59. Smoketimes Idea?
  60. my fellow californains
  61. p.e.t.a
  62. '' Possession of Birds for Fighting ''
  63. Cities and counties cannot violate the fourteenth amendment
  64. Donate to Ron Paul 2012
  65. For all u that want to know what words and items they try to use against u
  66. COCKFIGHTING charges dropped against Christie
  67. JUDGE's RULED, Issuance of a search warrant was TAINTED(cockfighting case dropped)
  68. Hank Williams Jr.!!!!!!!
  69. herman cain
  70. Not mexico
  71. Occupy Wall Street
  72. vote no hr 2492
  73. 100+ Roosters killed
  74. Onetime cockfighting suspect sues over killed chickens
  75. Here is a perfect example of what bl cozad is talking about.
  76. ky cockers please read..
  77. The most important thread on this board the moderator should make it a requirement
  78. found on Steelgame
  80. are animal right nuts behind this?
  81. A message from Ron Paul.
  82. Police raided a cockfight in Kau on Hawaii
  83. a little info on the h.s.u.s.
  84. Live near Louisville, KY? ****'s CEO will be there Nov. 3 & 4
  85. If this aint a line of BS
  86. 500 birds
  87. Investigation H$US lobbying activity is permissible under the rules of non-profit?
  88. City Ordinance...please help
  89. sign this petition
  90. Sign this petition to legalize cockfighting in America!!!
  91. US legislatures against corrupt H$US
  92. H$US members sits on the Board of California Fish & GAME
  93. Ron Paul 2012
  94. Cockfighting could earn Millions for State
  95. H$U$ exposed in the USA Today
  96. PRO gamefowl sport RADIO interview
  97. What the HELL has our country come to?
  98. Oppose S 1947
  99. Stop your memberships NOW!
  100. new laws
  101. Your rights do not give them away.
  102. Close your eyes
  103. Ron Paul Supporters, Support Cockfighting
  104. Ron Paul in Iowa
  105. 10 years
  106. Raid in Texas
  107. Poll please vote
  108. Bunny huggers
  109. Why the H.S.U.S pushes for "felony" animal cruelty laws‏
  110. old kelso farm busted
  111. WOW! a anti-H$US AD on FOX TV !
  112. dam bunny huggers
  113. ron paul on jay leno show
  114. Pieces of Chit.
  115. H$US/pacelle Supports Cockfighters???
  116. Ron Paul: Unwavering Consistency, Unparalleled Foresight
  117. montanna's call to action.
  118. Humane Society of the USA through the EYES of a VETERAN
  119. Congressmen and women
  120. city/county employees get 20 yrs in prison 4 conspiring to restrict free flow of chic
  121. History lesson on animal rights and tyranny
  122. Trespassing
  123. Primer on eminent domain rights
  124. here is a must visit website
  125. Cockfighting Laws Destroying Human Lives to protect a Chicken? radio interview
  126. file a complaint about the h.s.u.s. to the ftc
  127. Possible **** investigation
  128. Ron paul got screwed in iowa.
  129. Ron Paul is the most intelligent candidate running for President in 2012
  130. 14 cattle trucks burned by activist
  131. Cock fighting laws
  132. file a complaint to ur District atty office/atty general to file a INJUNCTION
  133. CA civil rights directory
  134. File a Complaint against H$US Sponsored anti-cockfighting laws
  135. H$US ties with UN agenda 21 by trent loos
  136. One of the foundations of America's collapse‏
  137. County considers AGRi ZONING ORD. to VOID all Unconstitutional H$US AWA laws
  138. ron paul up date.
  139. COCKFIGHTING just needs good lobbyist
  140. Missouri Fighting Back
  142. H$US Genesis awards, sat, march 24, 2012, beverly hills hilton
  143. Unconstitutional anti-cockfighting laws SPONSORED by H$US
  144. can you defend yourself against the ****
  145. Is their a way to defend your self against the H$U$
  146. a message from ron pauls son.
  147. Sc vs impeachment court.
  148. a message from ron paul.please read.
  149. **** leader's secret wish...
  150. is this shiit for real?????
  152. Folks please go vote NO on this poll for alabama cockfighting laws.
  153. WATCHDOG calls for FTC to Investigate Humane Society
  154. Support our military service members
  155. CA SB1145
  156. F... PET....!!!!
  157. H$US SPONSORS, check them out.
  158. Fifty things animals can't do.
  159. The darkside of the ****
  160. A brief SHOOTOUT in Cockfighting raid , singer martina mcbride
  161. Something that might help??
  162. America is founded on the principles within the Christian Bible
  163. West Virginia help needed.
  164. Here is a great letter to send your reps.
  165. Its legal one way but not another
  166. This is how we are going to make Gamecock Harvest Legal in America
  167. pressure for alabama
  168. H S U S may have to pay out millions.
  169. Bad news- US court upholds federal cocking law
  170. American Gamefowl Defense Network Policy w/ Video
  171. Check out this video of the **** -- Lawyers in Cages...
  172. Why we may never win
  174. The Coming Storm
  175. UN Agenda 21-The source of the Storm
  176. Finally !!!
  177. check this out why isn't h****s on these guys
  178. Poor lawyers
  179. Presidential Election
  180. Alert to everyone that owns gamefowl
  181. Alert EVERYONE! goes to vote 6-26-2012
  182. Anyone use Bank of America
  183. ALERT! EVERY AMERICAN! Will be voted on 6-26-2012
  184. Let me get this strait (LAWS)
  185. U.S. Gamefowl Owners URGENT CALL TO ACTION!
  186. H$U$
  187. P.E.T.A taking bets on computer!!!!!!!!!!
  188. Very good news!!..possible death sentence for ****
  189. Congressman Steve King needs our support
  190. B.L. Cozad jr. Takes on washington .....
  191. New law in texas
  192. Land Rights
  193. kentcuky felony cockfighting law passed
  194. a must do for all that claim they love there sport and their feathered friends
  195. Romney's 47%
  196. Indisputable and valid law of supply and demand
  197. Alabama law
  198. BANNED!!!!
  199. What kind of judge is this
  200. H R 2492
  201. If you are Business Proprietor, Beware!! Economic Sabotage
  202. OBAMA or ROMNEY?
  203. Colorado legalized the use of marijuana..
  204. Petition to withdrawl form the United States
  205. Civil War
  206. Gun Ban
  207. question about USA laws
  208. h$u$ won't be only one to worry about
  209. Sorry SOBs Crying!
  210. where can i read up on these laws
  211. H.R.1947
  212. Call tue ,wed, thur this week
  213. Everyone needs to see how this mans rights were violated
  214. Call Today!!!
  215. United To the Core, Standing Up and Being Heard
  216. Utah Legislation
  217. Calling All U.S. Cockers Spectator Bill Back Up
  218. Target these States to Legalize Cockfighting
  219. Felony bill introduced in Nashville, Tn.,
  220. it,s time to make a stand in tennesse
  222. SB 285 in Nashville..Sen. Ketron
  223. Utah Senator
  224. Falconry Hunting vs. Cockfight - Discrimination? You be the judge.
  226. They are after us again Alabama
  227. In U.S. Read This and Beware!
  228. Assault weapons ban was just defeated
  229. Boston Bombing..
  230. Give me 5 seconds of your time right here please.
  232. P.E.T.A. Plans to Fly Drones..
  233. Tennessee Bill SB 1248
  234. What happened?
  235. Tree hugers on the move
  236. Letter to senator
  237. Amendment 33 status
  238. House Bill 27 Alabama ???
  239. Petition to Legalize Louisiana..
  240. Louisiana Legislature, Governer Allow Cockfighting to be Legal
  241. I think we may be screwed in the worst way possible
  242. Don't forget House Bill 366
  243. Tennessee Walking Horse Association Bows Down to H.S.U.S
  244. Please help OPPOSE H.R. 2642
  245. war on drugs and the war on cockfighting, maybe now in the Philippines as well.
  246. Where is cockfighting legal?
  247. farm bill
  248. Call To ACTION !!!!!!!!! Please do this NOW!!
  249. AGDN California
  250. Spectator Bill