Pasay Cockpit unveils busy sked

THE PASAY City Cockpit will host a 3-cock derby featuring 50 fights. The event is sponsored by Sagupaan Complexor 3000. The PCC will also present a 4-stag derby on Aug. 26, as well as the Gentlemen Cockers Association of the Philippines (GCAP) 5-stag derby on Sept. 2. Meanwhile, the regular 2-cock ulutan resumes on Sunday, Aug. 21, with the first 10 champions guaranteed P10,000 each; 11th to 20th champions, P8,000 each and the rest, P7,000 each. The Fastest Win One-Cock is scheduled every Wednesday, with P150,000 at stake. Slated every Monday and Tuesday is the regular hackfight where each winner gets P1,000. For details, call 8431890, 8431746 and 8166750.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
August 19, 2005