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Thread: blue legged jerezano?

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    blue legged jerezano?

    Is there such a thing as a blue legged jerezano? I have in my farm a trio, got this from a friend who went to Lisboa, Portugal last year. He said this is a very rare, cause jerezanos comes mostly yellow legged. Somebody knows anything about this out there please comment.

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    El Espaņol

    I have never seen any blue legged Jerezanos, but then again, after being around them for most of my life I have just recently seen what a very well known breeder of Spanish fowl claims to be a white legged Jerezano with a rose comb.

    I actually have them now at our farm in the PI and they spar identical to yellow legged straight combed Jerezanos (so says my farm manager, I haven't even laid eyes on them yet other than fotos) who knows?

    You have to remember that fowl on the Iberian penninsula sometimes differ in physical appearance from towns as close as 20-30 kilometers apart, but they still call them the same thing.

    Like I said in another thread, I have recently seen HENNIE JEREZANOS being advertised for sale, but I grew up about 22 kilometers away from Jerez de la Frontera and in 46 years I never saw a hennie Jerezano. The man that sells them hails from Puerto Rico, so maybe they call them Jerezanos in the colloquial Spanish of P.R.

    Spanish fowl (as most other Bankivoid fowl in Europe and the USA) can trace their ancestry to the seafaring Phoenicians that colonized the majority of the coasts throughout the Med and up into France and the UK.

    Personally I know of the Jerezanos, the Sevillanos, the Canarios and many other breeds that come from Baleric Islands in the Med. There are others on the Iberian Penninsula, I have just never owned any.

    All my Jerezanos until a couple of months ago have been straight combed and yellow legged with very bright cherry red heads. They come in a wide variety of colors and usually weigh less than their American counterparts.

    I am by no means an expert, and I have absolutely no reference material available to me. Just my own personal life experiences.

    I am crossing Cubans and Jerezanos to some American fowl and also selectively breeding some size into them for the long knife in the PI now.

    Oh yeah, if you can ever get your hands on real Canarios, do it by all means. They are awesome fowl and some say the closest thing to the old time English Game.

    Good Luck to you Sir,

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    El Espaņol

    Go here sir: IMAGES

    Just post your pic in the gallery or something man. Thanks.


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    El Espaņol
    You did say Jerezanos and if you would have had the patience to look past the first few pics in the gallery you would have seen them.

    Sorry you don't know how to post pictures.

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    Wow how many clarets did you buy? Good stuff, love the jerezanos too they come from Spain?

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    There is no blue legged jerezano, green I saw one, maybe it was a canarious. They came in different leg colors.

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    El Espaņol
    I bought enough Clarets to keep a few lines going for a while! hehe...........the Jerezanos are from the USA, but F1 from fowl imported from Spain.


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    when a pure white legged bc is mated toa pure yellow legged bh and the white legged male offspring is bred back tothe yellow legged mother,some of the female offsprings would comeout blue or green legged.same thing would happen if brother-sister mating is done. this applies to all breeds. jmho

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