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Thread: Farm In Virginia?

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    Farm In Virginia?

    hey cockmates...I would appreciate if u guys can post some gamefowl farms in virginia .please include address and phone number if u can. we will be at viginia during the memorial day weekend. (whole week) I am hoping to visit some quality farms out there. any inputs will be greatly appreciated.

    if privacy is an issue you can email me at

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    Thompson Valley Game Farm
    Tazewell, VA 24651
    Owner: Larry Blevins
    Tel. 276.988.7132

    Big Spring Lacy Roundheads
    2195 Olinger Road
    Blacksburg, VA 24060
    Contact: Bob Price
    Tel. 540.951.0930

    Coal Dust Game Farm
    Pound, VA 24279
    Contact: Rob Mullins
    Tel. 276.796.4526

    I just copied these from "The Gamecock Magazine". Goodluck and hope you find good ones.

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    thnk u

    thanks for your reply i appreciate it goodluck to u too

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