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Thread: Bama Sports ALBANY-are they good for crossing

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    Bama Sports ALBANY-are they good for crossing

    I just got my hands on a yellow legged albany from bama sports..i want to cross this broodcock to my black fowl are hatch cross with mcrae....what do you think would it work out ..yellow leg over dark leg

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    just my two cents ..

    if it were up to me, try crossin your albany on a solid family of hatch crosses outside of those crossed on blacks .. i have seen some good hatch/roundhead/albany .. sweater/roundhead/albany .. and kelso/roundhead/albany ..

    if anythin, try crossin them on somethin to get half 'n half .. hopefully they'll do you some good as well

    again .. just my two cents .. good luck

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    if your hatch-mcrae cross is 50/50 and not aproduct of a black breedback cross you could cross the albany to produce 1/2 albanyx1/4 hatchx1/4 mcrae,just mho.

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    Do you have the contact tel.number of Bama Sports Farm? Is there farm located in Tennessee? Thanks a lot.

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    I would ask Mike or Jimbo they will tell you upfront if it will nick. This guys had been in the industry for a long time they know or would advise you what will nick. Easy to talk too. Hope they win this weekend. I do know their albany are very much game.I have a friend have success in X'ing with McLean Hatch. IMHO

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    doug odom won sunset cocker of the year using albany dee cox
    roundhead crosses he calls alabama special...

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    try out ur broodcock on your black sure it would come out better than average if its for the knife. albany's are good game blood and the black would like that....most black-based cross come out better if given a good game light strain like the albany. have crossed my blacks w/ the sweaters and they have the spunk to win in a hurry....some have won as early as 8 1/2 mo old in hacks....of course its only in provincial hacks, but what the heck they won against cocks!!!!!

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    You cannot tell which

    color will come up to their legs. Just wait and see. I got an albany hen out of 7X Albany cock of BAMA, she was a gift to me by my close friend. One thing I noticed from her is she is a green legged albany but her all three brothers got yellow legged. In my opinion, their ALBANY has already hatch blood on them, they throw green legged in the female side.

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    I believe BamaSportAlbany YL, PC are AJ Houston strain more of salto type albany. This is known for their endurance and game to the core type chicken as told to me by Mike. It also good in gaff.

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    Albany's can be cross to any reliable breeds from reliable breeders and hopefully with a stroke of luck would improve the resulting product!

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