Here's our chance to put thieves in jail. Member ziddez106 announced:

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posted 10-27-2006 01:38 PM
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Cock Thieves nahuli!
Cock thieves were apprehended by Chief Supt. Reynaldo, 1st Supt. Capt. Antonio Macam and SPO4 Rodrigo Torio 8:00 am today at Caloocan City.

Here are the following wing Band nos.

WHF 05-1931
ASI 2271
KJS 1619
CPN TLC 4793
RMG 2902
B. Plaza 400
BAKBAKAN Supremo 4062
RMG 2955
RMG 2905
RMG 2935
DGP 936

Leg Band no.
Blue leg band - 396

Please call 447 49 79 and look for SPO4 Rodrigo Torio.

Those apprehended will be released if there are no complainants.

Let us put these people where they belong!

We will keep you updated.

-Pit Games Magazine

The announcement may be seen here: