Hello everyone and welcome to this new feature of Sabong.net.PH!

Our efforts to improve the popularity of our great game has led us to bring to you this special feature of various succesful breeders and cockers of our time.

This forum is dedicated to one-on-one question and answer between you, the Sabong members, and our special Guest Speakers that may share their time and expertise with us from time to time. We invite you to participate in this rare opportunity to "learn from the masters," so they say.

Rules of the forum:

This being a public forum (with all it's nuances), we have to set out specific guidelines that must be observed in order for this feature to be succesful and enriching to both members and our guests.

First and foremost, English will be the language used in the discussions here. This is an international forum and English is the international language.

This will be a Moderated forum, wherein all your questions will go on a moderation que before it will be displayed to the public and be ready for an answer by our respective guest. If we deem your question offensive, and/or malicious, we will not post your question and appropriate action will be taken. Absolutely no sales questions on this forum. Treat this like a formal gathering between us and our guests. Proper decorum is expected.

To post a question, click "Post New Thread" at the top of this forum. Each question will be its own thread. Once a question has been posted, we ask that the membership refrain from any additional posts or commentary on that particular question until the guest has had the opportunity to respond to the post directly. Once the response is up, the topic is open for in depth discussion by all members, and we warmly encourage followup conversation. Please note that the conversations will be moderated, and your question may not appear as soon as you post it. Also, we may edit new topic titles for clarity.

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from this Sabong Breeders Spotlight.

Sabong Web Team