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    dear master breeder its an honor to post a question to such a succesful cocker as you let me greetyou a merry christmas and a happy new year . i have been intrigue by your lemon 84 long time ago as i have seen and met so many people that they have a lemon 84 could you furnish me a picture and guide on how to identify one .or any of the breeds that you have male and female please, presently here in south africa but still home is where the heart is our country.thank you so much for the opprtunity that you have given us small time sobongeros a chence to show and prove our mettle in the sport of cockfighting. THANK YOU so much god bless and more power to and our fellow filipinos wher ever they are. joserizal

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    Jose Rizal Alamares,

    thank you too. we will post a new picture soon.


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