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Thread: Welcome Mr. Araneta!

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    El Espa˝ol

    Welcome Mr. Araneta!

    Hello Mr. Araneta,
    Thanks for taking some of your time and answering some questions here.

    Instead of asking you the compositions and breeding styles you use at your farm, I would like to ask you a few other questions. Thanks in advance!

    • How difficult have you found it throughout the years to balance family, business and your passion for Sabong?

    • If you don't have the time to be at the farm all the time, have you had to rely on good managers with whom you have placed your trust?

    • What is your favorite aspect of the sport, breeding or showing the fowl?
    Well, thanks for taking the time to humor me. I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed keeping a good balance!

    Happy Holidays,

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    Re: Welcome Mr. Araneta!


    1. not formidably difficult. as with any human endeavor, there have been some difficult times. but by & large, have worked out a harmoniousbalance.
    2. yes, i rely pretty much on my man at the farm for both management of the birds and security.
    3. both are gratifying but i relish breeding more.


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