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Thread: Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

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    Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

    Good Day Fellow Cockers!!

    I just want to know about the Bob Bennett line (Hatch Grey), How are they in competition (fighting style)?, Can i fight them pure or cross? Iam planning to breed them what bloodline should i mate them for LK? Any info are very much welcome... tnxs

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    Re: Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

    this particular breed are strictly gaff birds, they're probably one of the gamest breed around. slow starting birds that gets stronger as the battle progresses. if you were to show this in filipino competition you'll probably have to reduce the blood to .25 just for the color and gameness, ramsey crosses this line with mclean and blueface to compete in the gaff at sunset. I've seen slck lizard used this with rh and sweater crosses also.

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    Re: Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

    bob bennett's hatch greys were not breed for our type of's going to be a
    long, tedious,painful,heartbreaking,expensive,and frustrating expermentation before you
    hit W...why not go straight to the winning circle of greys from de la torre, aguirre, lacson, et al...proven, no pain, all gain....

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    Re: Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

    I have the Greys for more than 4 yrs now, crossed them with LK fighting style breeds( 50% Bob Bennett blood), average for stags but very good results as cocks from 30 months, i think they are kinda late maturing...Their gaff fighting style is very evident when they're younger but wait until they moulted twice and you'll see what i mean...Lately, we fought them in 5 and 6 cock derbies, about 80-85%% winning. Last 5 fought all won...
    But all this depends on what bloodline you crossed it with, it works with our Hatch blends...

    Hope this Helps...

    M Farm - Dipolog

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    Re: Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

    bob bennett grey
    from what i understand are basically
    harold brown grey
    mostly straight comb,green legged
    power punching greys

    the johnny bennett
    mostly peacomb,whitelegged
    which are basically joe goode grey
    is more fitted for LK

    john slavin
    used to win many fights
    using his grey X roundhead cross

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    Re: Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

    Thanks guys for the info, actually iam considering two family of greys Aquirre and Bob Bennette,but based on your info i will go for Aquirre for my sweaters.

    For curiousity iam still breeding B. Bennett over Aquirre,I think it can match on LK.

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    Re: Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

    Just want to share my Bob Bennett Hatch Grey. I Agree with what they said. It's good for crosses.

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    Re: Bob Bennett Hatch Grey

    jhaie, I know one top contender who breeds and shows these Bob Bennette Greys , he is Jorge T. I called Jorge to ask him how to breed the Bob Bennett Grey. Jorge said the BB grey is a regular gaff bird and to breed the BB for the LK will take two bloodlines (the Roundhead and Whitehackle). Jorge said that the RH will provide the speed, the Whitehackle will provide the cutting and Bob Bennett Grey will provide the power. Bear in mind, that when you cross, there will be similar traits (speed, cutting, power, etc.) and the proper mix that you desire might take some time to achieve but it is achievable.

    Jorge added that he uses the Johnny Bennett Greys for the LK. If you need to acquire the bloodlines to win in the World Slasher Derby, you can PM me and I will relay your contact info to Jorge. Good luck.....

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