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Thread: Candling of eggs

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    Candling of eggs

    On what day would be the ideal to candle those incubated eggs? What is the counting? Is day one from loading counted as day 1 or you start the day after from the time you load to consider it as day 1, need some info...

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    Re: Candling of eggs

    You guys know where to get a good quality candler?

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    Re: Candling of eggs

    I use a small penlight or a Mini mag flashlight to candle eggs. I keep this in the breeding room at all times so I know where to find it. I place the eggs (from one pair at a time) in a bowl I've lined with tissues. I then take them into a dark room, turn the lights off, turn the penlight on, pick up one egg at a time and hold it to the flashlight. You may have to move the flashlight around the egg. I've had the best luck candling the egg from the top (where the air sack is). If the egg is fertile (check it about 7 or 8 days after it was laid and this should be obvious) it will have a network of real tiny red veins that look almost like a spider web inside the egg. If this is seen, the eggs are fertile. After checking the eggs, replace them in the nest.

    Handle eggs ONLY with clean, warm, dry hands. If you don't wash your hands before handling the eggs, you can possibly spread bacteria to the chick through the egg.
    If there is no "web", place the egg back in the nest for another few days and check it again. I don't recommend throwing out infertile eggs. The reason I say this is because after laying eggs the hen needs to rest and build up her calcium levels before laying more. If you remove one or more, she may feel a need to replace it with another egg which can deplete her calcium reserves very quickly.

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    Re: Candling of eggs

    7th,14th and 18th day of incubation is the candling date

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    Re: Candling of eggs

    Just an add on to Universal..

    Hold a flashlight upward with the thumb and pointing finger wrapped arround the rim. Put the egg sideways on top your fingers. Rotate it until you see a red spot with some veins (if the egg is fertile. As early as 4 days is ok for white shelled eggs. My Jap's eggs were brown and I had to wait until 5 at the earliest to see. On that day up to trhe 7 th if you only see a yellow floating mass boil them and buy some SMB or GSM...kampay !!!

    Going forward, should you have a fertile egg, on the 18th day almost 3/4 would be dark and 1/3 - the air cell would be clear.

    By the 20th to 21st thw whole egg would be dark and chipping will start. I had eggs hatch on the 20th - I assume it was due to the constant higher temp when the environmental temp in the summer was affecting the internal temp of the incubator.

    Mis those days..

    All the best from Brampton ,On
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    Re: Candling of eggs

    Quote Originally Posted by brownred30
    You guys know where to get a good quality candler?
    I placed a bulb inside a commercial bird's nest and it an instant candler.

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    Lightbulb Re: Candling of eggs

    Quote Originally Posted by brownred30
    You guys know where to get a good quality candler?


    SSD (ROB)

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    Re: Candling of eggs

    If 18 days are for Pigeons.
    21 days are for Chickens
    35 days are for Ducks
    45 days are for Geese

    To candle it for Chickens always remember to do it 7 days before, unless u did no mark when u put it in the incubator...

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