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Thread: Chris, need your help

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    Chris, need your help

    Hi Chris,
    I visited your farm sometime in Oct 2003 with Gov. Yap of Tarlac, Phils. We bought a couple of your possum broodstocks[stags and pullets]. We also bought from Bruce, his DRs and LOs and also from Dink, his $5000 line, his Albany, Kelso and Roundhead and also from BAMA. We bred your broodstocks and crossed them with Bruce's and Dink's. I must tell you, I am happy with I was able to produce as about 55% to 60% of them are
    winning but not contented enough to stay in this percentage as competition is getting tough. We want to be at par or better with the elite breeders. Do you have some lines or know some one who can take us to the next level? Your input will be very much appreciated. If you can help us on this, we will see you in October 2007. Until then,

    regards to you and your family,
    Oliver Escalona

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    Re: Chris, need your help

    Take the possums and breed back 3/4 possum 1/4 dink's or 3/4 possums 1/4 bruce's. Take the taller ones that are 3/4 possum and 1/4 dink's and breed back to the mid -station ones out of the double right's of bruce's. dink's are alittle taller and better feathered, and bruce's are good flyer's and cut alittle better than dink's.

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    Re: Chris, need your help

    Chris, thanks a lot. Will see you again in October.

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