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Thread: Right Nose RI and Double Nose Right Out markings (FEB 2006)


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    Right Nose RI and Double Nose Right Out markings (FEB 2006)

    Hi Chris,

    I would like to take this opportunity to ask you what the Right Nose Right In marking and the Double Nose Right Out markings blood compositions are?

    I failed to ask you on our last conversation about this but I don't want to be a bother to call again since I know you are very busy. But I am hoping that you can find time to let me know the detailed blood composition of this markings through this thread.

    You mentioned that they are both possum family. If the In and In is the Pure possum... what percentage of any other blood other than possum do the DNRO and RNRI markings carry?

    I have to discuss with you personally abuot the LO stag that I got from you. Can't discuss it here.

    I am very please with all of them and the 1st generation stags are fantastic. I'm breeding them back to their momma now and am so excited to see the 2nd generation.

    Thanks and best regards to the family.



    Since both lines are possum family... would it hurt if I do reciprocal mating between the two lines after about 3 generations?
    If not, what most likely would be the outcome on the stags ability in the pit (LK). I'm sure you have tried all the combinations on this family. If ever....

    I intend to do the reciprocal mating after the third generation of back crossing (line breeding to the momma). Thanks for your guidance.
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