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Thread: yellow leg hatch

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    yellow leg hatch

    Looking at my old gamecock magazines, your advertisement showed your winning derbies in the late 80's and early 90's using your green legged and yellow legged hatches. Are the yellow legged hatches you have now the same hatches you have then - if not what changed.

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    Re: yellow leg hatch

    Dear Chris,

    In line with the original thread...I was thinking of the same thing. Those YLH's from Blackwater were winning very high percentage wins way back. What happened to those YLH ? where they phased out ?

    I saw in some old gamecock or Grit and Steel Magazine that you and your dad won derbies using asils. Where asil blood infused in any of the Blackwater lines?

    Thanks once again and regards to the family.


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    Re: yellow leg hatch

    The ylh are the same now as they were then. About the asils, I won day money both days and overall with sweater/ylh crosses and my dad had trained some asils for someone else and won day money the same weekend.

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