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Thread: Getting Seedfowl

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    Getting Seedfowl

    Hello Cockmates,

    I just have question as to for example... you find a cock that is extremely exceptional in everyway in fighting but you only have one..... so someday you hope to propagate his line by getting a seedfowl.... what do you do ?

    given: a proven hen to cross this to....

    how far do you linebreed / inbreed this cock to his daughters ??? 31/32....63/64 ... 127/128 and or so on ?....... have any of you had the patience to do this and WHAT RESULTS HAVE YOU GOTTEN ??? .... and what percentage of his blood can you say this is a SEEDFOWL ???

    thanks for the help.

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    Re: Getting Seedfowl

    the preferred method of getting seedfowl is from known pure strains.breed your exceptional broodcock to your proven hen, select the best offsprings and test for pit the best daughter and breedback to him again test pit offspprings.if the first mating gave throw backs but good performance its an indication that your brood cock is a cross and is suitable for producing battle not seedfowls.if you breedback toa cross broodcock it is most likely to produce chopssuey lines. in this case brother -sister mating is suggested to get your seedfowls from.jmho.

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    Re: Getting Seedfowl

    7/8 is enough to call a seedfowl

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    Re: Getting Seedfowl

    bili k book ni dc andrew bunan, pag-buo ng sariling linyada
    kumpleto n yn, may mga sample p. dun n lhat.

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    Re: Getting Seedfowl

    try to find the closes to a pure you can get there no pure but you can get atlist 7/8

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