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Thread: A Sweater Inquiry for Mr. Chris Nesmith

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    A Sweater Inquiry for Mr. Chris Nesmith

    Dear Mr. Chris Nesmith ( Blackwater Farms )

    I am starting a thread regarding the "evolution" of sweaters based on what i observed in the pits over the past 10 years.

    During 1997 WSD, Carol Nesmith, Nene Abello, and Robert So combined to capture the 1997 WSC Championship, and one thing i could remember when i first saw those birds being brought in the pit of the Big Dome, i said how come they look small, rounded and short body compared to their opponents? and there is also one very prominent feature about those Sweaters, they have a white band feather on their wings, a very unique feature that was distinct to the sweaters of Mr. Carol Nesmith during those time. As time passes I noticed from pictures of people that acquire birds from Blackwater farms, that the birds became taller, body became longer, and the distinct white band in the wing feathers is no longer seen on the present day sweaters.

    During 2000-2001, i could also remember very well that Mr. Abello would show sweater with the same trait as that of a small, rounded, white band feathered lemon hackle warrior, exacty what Mr. Carol Nesmith uses in here in Manila. These birds dominated in every big event and won the Candelaria Championship for him as well.

    Now, my questions is what are those sweaters that Mr. Carol Nesmith used ten years back? Any idea as to their make up or how they were bred?
    What is the difference of the present day sweaters from Blackwater farms as compared to those sweaters of your father 10 years ago, since they definitely do not show the same features?

    Lastly, I have heard of the Left Nose (LN) line of Blackwater Farms, what are these birds? and how are they bred or maintained?

    I do hope that this thread reaches your attention, and any information that you would share with us will be very much appreciated.

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    Re: A Sweater Inquiry for Mr. Chris Nesmith

    And this is also what I've remembered, wayback then:

    That it wasn't exactly the sweater blood that dominated the wsc but the yellow legged hatch, which was then said to be a cross between a sweater broodhen, and a boston roundhead fowl.

    Thus, the popularity of the sweater blood, in hindsight, was due to the fact that the broodhen used was a sweater. So eventually this blood became the order of the day.

    The yellow legged hatch took the backseat. And the boston roundhead influence faded out of the scene.

    So it was said that whoever had this original cross of the sweater/boston roundhead that ruled the wsc at the time has got the real mc coy.

    Whether this is true or not, we leave the final say to Mr. Chris Nesmith himself.


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