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Thread: vaccination of gamefowl

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    vaccination of gamefowl

    gud evening. i would like to know the correct vaccination program to give my gamefowl? thanks
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    Smile Re: vaccination of gamefowl

    gud pm. i would like to know the correct vaccine to give my gamefowl? thanks

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    vaccination of gamefowl

    There is a similar thread in the Filipino discussion. It is entitled, "tulong complete vaccines & medication" posted by glenngwapo (page 3).

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    Re: vaccination of gamefowl

    Doc, would be nice to have this posted in English also for those of us that are unable to read the other thread in Filipino..... JMO thanking you in advance and more power to you Doc Teddy.... FIS Sogod

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    Wink Re: vaccination of gamefowl

    doc i just want to know what are the vaccines, when to apply and what parts of the birds best to inject those vaccines.

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    Re: vaccination of gamefowl

    It is difficult for me to give the complete TJT Vaccination program for various reasons. Firstly, it is reserved for my academy students because although there is a basic program, there are certain modifications depending on the following factors:
    • Medical history of the farm
    • Farm location ( Is it beside a poultry farm?)
    • Health Status of the flocks
    • Biosecurity measures of the farm
    • Knowledge & expertise of farmhands in administering the vaccine
    • Weather conditions
    • Reliability of the vaccine and how it was stored
    • The priming of the broodstocks is a big factor as to when to administer the vaccine because it can interfere with early immunization.. BECAUSE OF THE HIGH LEVEL OF MATERNAL ANTIBODIES which usually last for more than 2-4 weeks after hatching.
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