Item: Aminoplex Injectable 100cc SKU: 101

Price: $18.00

Aminoplex can be used with any medication or supplement. Aminoplex is used as a general conditioning agent in overcoming nutritional and anemic conditions. Each cc contains 1000mcg. of B12 plus Iron, Liver, B Complex and other vitamins and enzymes essential to good health and well being! Dosage & Administration: The intial dose is 1/2cc to 1cc depending on each fowl's condition...with a follow-up dose of 1/4 to 1/2cc once a week until improvement or until day before competition. On the day of competition, inject 1/4cc regardless of when last injection was made. All injections should be made in meaty portion of breast muscle.

Item: B15 Injectable Nite Owl Method 30cc SKU: 105

Price: $16.00

B15 Nite Owl Method helps prevent fatigue due to lactic acid buildup in the muscles. Dosage & Administration: Usual dosage is 1/4cc in skin last days of the keep and 3 to 4 hours prior to weigh-in or start of competition.

Item: Carbotec Injectable SKU: 114

Price: $14.00

Carbotec Injectable 30cc Vial~ Carbotec Injectable is used as a last minute aid as a metabolic agent. Its purpose is to metabolize and help convert glycogen (muscle sugar) back in to glucose which is the final source of energy to the body. Dosage: When using injectable alone, give 1/2cc in skin and 1/2cc in breast muscle prior to heeling.

Item: Compound 40 (Nite Owl Method) SKU: 115

Price: $16.00

Compound 40 (Nite Owl Method) 30cc Vial ~ A formulation of enzymes and metabolizing agents used to creat energy and as an aid in the pointing procedures. Very popular! Dosage and Administration: Usual dosage 2/10cc injected in skin last 3 days of keep.