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    ang buttermilk ba may nabibile talaga or ginagawa lang?
    ano ba ito liquid ba?

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    buttermilk 1 o 2 patak ng suka sa 1 litro ng gatas ng baka, pabayaang magdamag tapos lahukan ng 1 bote ng yakult at 1 cup ng yugort pabayaan muli ng magdamag kina bukasan buttermilk na .

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    di ba pedeng powedered milk?

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    is the tangy, butter-flecked liquid left over when whole milk has been churned to make butter. Most commercial buttermilk sold in food stores is a cultured form made by adding lactic-acid bacteria to low-fat or nonfat milk. For each cup you need, take one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice, then add enough milk to make one cup. Don't stir. Let it stand for five minutes before using.
    For other types of milk, see condensed milk, evaporated milk, nonfat dry milk, and sweetened condensed milk

    Save from previous batch
    About once a week, a fresh batch of buttermilk may be made from an older batch. Take great care to prevent contamination during the reinoculation process. Use the following procedure to make fresh buttermilk (starter):
    1. Select a few pint jars with good lids.
    2. Clean the jars and lids thoroughly, and let them dry without wiping.
    3. Fill the jars about 2/3 full of fresh, clean skim milk, and screw the lids on loosely.
    4. In a pressure cooker, heat the milk to 15 pounds for 10 minutes (the procedure is similar to canning foods).
    5. Let the pressure cooker cool completely before opening.
    6. Cool the milk in tap water. Be sure to prevent splash around the lids.
    7. Store the sterilized milk in a refrigerator until needed.
    8. When fresh buttermilk is needed:
    o Warm one of the pint jars of milk to 72 degrees F.
    o From a container of fresh buttermilk, carefully pour about one tablespoonful into the sterile 72 degree F milk. (Be careful! It is at this point where most contamination takes place.) Use the remainder of the fresh buttermilk to make a batch of cheese or for drinking.
    o Cover the freshly made culture with a loose lid, rotate to mix without letting the milk touch the lid, and store at 72 to 75 degrees F for 16 to 24 hours. At that time the buttermilk fermentation should be completed. Store the new buttermilk in the refrigerator until it is needed for further inoculation or use to make cheese

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    tol ryan e san ba gamit butter milk ? sa manok ba na panlaban ?what the difrens sa ordinary milk na ginagamit sa conditioning ?pakiesplika panga tollski?

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    Ang ordinary milk/fresh milk ay hindi na da digest ng manok. May mga previous discussion sa buttermilk I suggest i search ang old threads.

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    mahusay itong buttermilk sa pagpapaganda ng digestive system ng manok (kahit sa tao) dahil cultured nga.
    yung kasing gatas na may lactose ay di na-didigest ng manok na itinatae lang nito, na nasasayang lang tuloy. samantalang, yung buttermilk ay converted ng lactose ng gatas sa lactic acid dahil sa fermentation. ang lactic acid naman ay may kaiga-igayang ukol sa generation ng energy. mas less ang fat ng buttermilk kaysa regular na gatas. ang Buttermilk ay may mas lactic acid kaysa skim milk. ang sabi ng nutritionist, one cup daw ng buttermilk ay may 99 calories at 2.2 gramo na fat, samantalang ang gatas ay may 157 calories at 8.9 gramo na fat.
    ang buttermilk ay masagana rin sa potassium, B12, calcium, riboflavin at phosphorous.

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    nice 2

    tol ryan &wings over the world tank yu,kala ko kasi kaya nagbibigay ng gatas e ,another source of protein pa rin w/c you cannot get from different seeds na nabibile sa lang?

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    Kailangan ba po yung talagang galing pa mismo sa baka yung milk para gawing buttermilk o pwede na yung powdered milk? Or pede din ba yung mga fresh milk na binebenta na naka brick pack (eg magnolia fresh milk)?

    salamat po.

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