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Thread: Malaysian Blade

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    Malaysian Blade

    Dear folks,

    How you guys thinks of Malaysian blade, is it suitable or meet the criteria of using it at the pit in PI ?
    Your input is highly appreciate. Thanks.

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    Re: Malaysian Blade

    ther are several bigtime breeders and cockers are using this fact, two of the major knife maker here in pi make and sell this kind of knife....any info from our fellow cockmates...........

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    Re: Malaysian Blade

    Nothing fancy about the malaysian blade. But some cockpits ban the use of these blades. Because of the myth that its coated with poison. The truth is, what makes it deadly is its setting. Its on the "duling" side thus it is so devastating when set properly.

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    Re: Malaysian Blade

    Im using this kind of knife here in the Phil., very deadly, use it on power cocks only.

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