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Thread: Larry Romero Hatches

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    Larry Romero Hatches

    I just was wondering what all you guys think about larry romero's hatch bloodline? What they cross good with?..Any pictures or help would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: Larry Romero Hatches

    the romeros are old line mcleans they are real dark pea comb some come speckled a trow back of the albanie put in them from larry romero they hit hard real rough some will come lemon hackled they cross the best with the coons oldline dan grey kelsos and also cross good to mcrae blacks for knife aloha roland

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    I use the GL Romero Hatches as the Baseline to my breeding program, Its a power house fowl thats good on top and bottom, though they tend to be a little too aggresive at times. I cross it with just about everything on my yard including my Kelsos, Quails, Albany's. I'm currently crossing it with my Doms (bulik). If you want to see some pics, go to the Gallery and search under Saipan.

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    Re: Larry Romero Hatches

    I crossed my Yellow Legged Hatch with Dink Fair sweaters and they're awesome. Then I also crossed the Green Legged McLean Hatch broodstag to my Johnny Jumper Kelso hens.

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