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Thread: Red Fox Farm's Claret

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    Ad Infinitum

    Red Fox Farm's Claret

    Has anyone tried it or has had experience with it?

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    I was told of a story that when Harold Brown was still alive,he does not sell these clarets,he does sell the hatch clarets but not the pure ones,actually it came from the out and out yard of Mr.Walter Kelso.i am in a search for these kinds of clarets but i still haven't found what i'm looking for.

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    Edwin Kubojiri

    I have a pure Claret Hen from Red Fox

    I have crossed this hen with my Showtime Kelso's and the resulting stags are very good. The Claret blood gave a little more smarts and reach to the mix. By reach I mean a more outside fighting style.

    They are solid fowl as far as I am concerned.

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    i got thier hatch/claret battle cross i ever own...i got 4 of their hatch/roundhead i am 5 win and 1 lost on them this year and they are only 16 months of age...i entered them on a couple of big time 3 cocks derby against 2 to 3 year old multi time winners...they can really make your proud, i cant wait after they molt, i think they will even become more deadly by then.

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    You are lucky to get your hands on a Red Fox's Claret hen. Red Fox's web site says they no longer sell pure Clarets (and RH) in trios, only cocks.

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    Edwin Kubojiri

    Thumbs up Thank you newtogame2!

    Yes, I feel very fortunate to have Jack & Rochelle as friends. They are wonderful people, and have supplied me with some of the best fowl I have ever owned.

    I feel very lucky indeed. I also have some of their Albany blood and 3 different families of their Hatch and their Greys. I have never recieved anything from Red Fox Farm that I wasn't extremely happy with. They are good people with good fowl.

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    I got Claret rooster from Red Fox farm 2 year back and I am very satisfied with him. It has thrown me some winners, but the main reason for my getting this line is to freshen my clarets from Curtis Blackwell. I wanted this particular line because I know that Harold Brown and Curtis were pretty close during their days and often traded broodfowls. Rochel let me have this individual in a year where she said that they only had 7 straight stags.

    These people are honest and will always deal with you fair. I also got a very nice hatch cock from them and he is equally nice. If you have a busy schedule and can not personally select your broodfowl, Jack can select for you, and you will not be disappointed. Just tell him what you want and he will try to get it for you.


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    we have had the hb line since 70's and there part of the make up
    of our cigar clarets.... we still produce pure hb clarets though...


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