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Thread: World Economy In Deep Chaos?

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    US injected 770 Billion USD to their economy and yet the Dow is at its 5 year low and still diving.

    Brittain did the same injecting 87 Billion Dollars to their banking system.

    Japan's Nikkei Plunge by 9.4% biggest since 1987.

    The Indonesia Stock Exchange halted trading on Wednesday after the benchmark composite index (.JKSE) dropped more than 10 percent, while Hong Kong's main stock market index (.HSI) dropped more than 5 percent.
    HongKong cuts Rate by 1.5%.

    China, the European Central Bank (ECB) and central banks in Britain, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland also cut rates in the coordinated response which analysts had been demanding.

    Singapore declared its economy is technically in Recession...

    Is Philippines Economy Resilient?

    Now comes news from Philippines Government....The Economy is in Good Shape and won't be much affected by the US crisis...The Peso will rebound because OFW's will start sending Remittances to their love ones in the Philippines...(Oh Yes...hehehe)

    "The central bank earlier expressed optimism that the peso would soon recover as remittances from overseas Filipinos are expected to pour in from the middle of the month until the end of the Christmas season."

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    Re: World Economy In Deep Chaos?

    Arroyo happy over easing of inflation rate

    By RG CRUZ, ABS-CBN News | 10/08/2008 5:55 PM

    President Arroyo in a speech before a women’s organization Wednesday expressed elation at the easing of the country's inflation rate for the month of September.

    In a speech before the 20th anniversary of the Women Balikatan Movement, the president said the government is working hard to contain the effects of the global financial crisis on poor women of the country.

    Mrs. Arroyo noted this month's inflationary figure has leveled off from the previous month's.

    The president also noted that women are on the frontlines of those affected by soaring food and fuel prices.

    Mrs. Arroyo maintained however that the country’s economy is now stronger and more stable than before thanks to the reforms her administration has put in place.

    She cited that investments continue to pour in and that seven million jobs have been created in the last seven years.

    She said there will be safety nets for those hardest affected by the financial meltdown as the government works to keep food and fuel prices low---all in a bid to cut down hunger by half by 2015.

    as of 10/08/2008 5:55 PM

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