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Thread: 3/8-5/8- how one can arrive at such blood composition

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    3/8-5/8- how one can arrive at such blood composition

    How can one arrive to this blood composition, what breeding process one have to do? Thanks for your time...

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    assuming you have...

    1. "pure" (100%) Kelso cock x "pure" (100%) Hatch hen, thier offsprings will be:

    F1 = 1/2 kelso 1/2 hatch (or 50/50 kelso/hatch)

    2. breed the male F1 (1/2 kelso 1/2 hatch) back to its mother "pure" (100%) hatch so you will get

    F2 = 3/4 hatch 1/4 kelso (or 75/25 hatch/kelso)

    3. breed the female F2 (3/4 hatch 1/4 kelso) back to the "pure" (100%) kelso broodcock then you will get

    F3 = 5/8 kelso 3/8 hatch

    a beginner's thought, i hope my mathematics is correct...

    please correct me if there's a deeper explanation about breeding numbers...


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    3 Oaks



    Strcitly speaking, 5/8-3/8's are a result of a special breeding program. Creating them is not as simple as others may think. If you take a closer look at the way master breeders create them, it involves the use of two broodcocks .

    My own viewpoint. Hope this helps.



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    Emmanuel Aranda


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    If that`s the case then, what is your opinion in order to arrive at this breed combination? Just a mere thought.

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    just a thought...

    3 oaks is maybe referring to another broodcock or broodhen of the same bloodline to avoid in-breeding as per my example above...

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    gerry buron

    3/8 - 5/8

    Use 2 broodcocks, 1 for F1 & another one for F2.

    F1 = 1st broodcock + hens

    F2 = 2nd broodcock + hens of F1

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    3/8 5/8 bloodline composition

    at least in paper (math) this is how it's done:

    1/2 Hatch 1/2 Lacy Rhead Cock Cross Pure Lacy Rhead Hen.

    All offspring will be 1/4 Hatch 3/4 Lacy Rhead.

    Line breed 1/4 Hatch 3/4 Lacy Rhead offspring pullet back to
    1/2 Hatch 1/2 Lacy Rhead Papa Cock.
    Offspring should be 3/8 Hatch 5/8 Lacy Rhead

    Line breed 1/4 Hatch 3/4 Lacy Rhead offspring stag back to
    Pure Lacy Rhead Mama Hen.
    Offspring should be 1/8 Hatch 7/8 Lacy Rhead

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    Gerry is Right

    2 brood cock in 1 brood hen, if One of the brood cock is not related to brood hen, they practice Algebra principle combining common terms...
    Ist Brood cock was use 2x in the breeding, In a way that he was breed to his Granddaughter

    First Setting: C1 X H1 = 1/2C1 1/2H1

    Second Setting: C2 X 1/2C1 1/2H1 = 1/2C2 1/4C1 1/4H1

    Third Setinng: C1 X 1/2C2 1/4C1 1/4H1 = 1/2C1 1/4C2 1/8C1 1/8H1 <---- There you can get the 5/8C1 X 3/8C2H1 Cross..

    Observe that in the 3rd setting, there are 2 C1 terms, 1/2C1 and 1/4C1 if you add that, it will give the 5/8 fractions....

    Where they will get the 3/8...? by adding the remaining two fractions in the third set: 1/4C2 and 1/8H1

    1/4 + 1/8 = 3/8

    Notice that they have different terms.., but their denominators have common factor:

    That's Why I concluded they use mathematics: if either of the broodcocks is not related to the broodhen...

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    On mathematical sense this is how you arrive at it:

    A = represents a pure strain
    B = represents another pure strain not related to A.

    simply crossing 1/2A 1/2B cock, to 3/4A 1/4B hen

    the offspring of this would be 5/8A 3/8B

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    gerry buron

    Ex. 5/8 Kelso 3/8 YL Hatch

    F1 = Kelso cock + YL Hatch hen

    = 1/2 Kelso 1/2 YL Hatch

    F2 = Kelso cock + 1/2 Kelso 1/2 YLH hen

    = 3/4 Kelso 1/4 YLH

    F3 = 1/2 Kelso 1/2 YLH (F1) + 3/4 Kelso 1/4 YLH (F2)

    = 5/8 Kelso 3/8 YLH

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    please clarify

    when breeding i thought to get a 3/8 5/8 breed they say you use the hen cos you get daw 60% of the char. from the hen that is why they won't sell thier original hen, but i see you are using your cocks as the common denomenator. meaning you are after the char. of the cock .please clarify. so the i will be guided accordingly

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    here is the way buddymann bred those warriors that once stunned the big boys of world slasher derby.they made it to the championship using 5/8 3/8 blend of battlecrosses.two different solid bloodlines bred together that produced the 1/2 1/2 offsprings.the pullets were line bred back to their father side.buddymann believes more of breeding on cockside than henside,why?it will be kept as a secret.the linebreeding produced 3/4 1/4 stags(grandsons).he pit tested them all and select the best 3/4 1/4 ace among the batch and bred to the best 1/2 1/2 hens(daughters out of original broodcock over original hen).this mating produced 5/8 3/8 offprings(heavy on cockside blood)that once rocked the hard ground of araneta dome.hope i help you guys in my own little way.

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    pls. observe that in different ways of getting 5/8-3/8 bLend, the hens used are aLso the daugthers or grand-daughters of originaL broodcock, the bLood of orginaL hen graduaLLy Lessen as you go through to 5/8-3/8...

    another perspective: you mention about the importance of hen; yes that's true; Refer to buhawi's input: he mentioned about 2 soLid bLoodLines ( sire & dam); so where you wiLL get your SoLid dam of course from a certain proven father-cock too :hippie:

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    thanks for all the info sirs.

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