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    Bumblefoot grey

    Hey, I was looking to get some info on the bumblefoot grey, such as origin, style, etc. And does anyone in the U.S. sell them. I was wanting to know because my dad used to say that was one of his favorite types of greys and was just wanting to know why.

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    Re: Bumblefoot grey

    The Origin Of The Bumblefoot Grey

    The history of the Curtis Blackwell and for that matter Red Fox fowl, is that Curtis Blackwell and Harold Brown fought a one eyed gamecock from Zack Abney of Prattville, Ala. His was the best shown at Orlando that year.

    Curtis was down at Zacks and learned that he had four sisters to his gamecock. Curtis persuaded Zack to let him have two of them. These two hens were bred to a regular grey rooster from Jimmie Hawes that came out of a trio of a $500.00 trio from C.C. Cook. This mating produced wonderful looking gamecocks that couldn't win so they were dubbed non-cutters.

    The non-cutter hens were bred to a Griffin Claret gamecock produced all the winning Red Fox gamecocks called the No. 1's.

    A few years ago Curtis Blackwell saw W.A. Kelso fight a gamecock that he admired very much. His Kelso gamecock was a loser but looked good to Curtis losing.

    Mr. Kelso gave him to Curtis. His Kelso gamecock bred to the non-cutter hens produced gamecocks that tied with Mr. Kelso for the money at Hot Springs in about 1956. Bob Jones, Billy Ruble, and Bobby Manziel each got one of these gamecocks. I had them walked here for Curtis. This was the year that Mr. Kleberg died when Curtis worked for him.

    To produce the Bumblefoots, Curtis reached back and bred the grey rooster that was half Ted McLean Hatch and half the original Law hen. This hatch is in all of Curtis blood today and is also heavy in the blood of Billy Ruble's power gamecocks.

    The gamecocks that Curtis fought at Orlando represented Hatch inbred to the McLean Hatch on the sire side and inbred Kelso blood on the hen side. Curtis did considerable inbreeding to this Kelso 109 gamecock.

    Incidentally, some of the Duke Hulsey's winners are Bumblefoots that Bobber Jordan got from Curtis. Duke also got at least a dozen of the Bumblefoot hens for his brood yards also.

    So I guess this is how they were made from reading this issue. There is also like a family tree showing it in more detail. Hope this can help people understand more clearly. I would also like to add that the Kelso 109 gamecock was made from a Murphy rooster bred to a McClanahan Hen, so I guess this could tell you this is how some of Mr Walter Kelso's, Kelso's were made.

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    Re: Bumblefoot grey

    I read in an old 1960's gamecock that the bumblefoots were out of a 1/2Mclean 1/2Kelso cock and perfection grey hens.

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    Re: Bumblefoot grey

    Quote Originally Posted by tonio
    I read in an old 1960's gamecock that the bumblefoots were out of a 1/2Mclean 1/2Kelso cock and perfection grey hens.
    Sir Tonio,

    Pwede po bang mag inquire sa inyo kung magkano po ang Grey ninyo edad 2 years old po. Thank you.

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    Re: Bumblefoot grey

    Bump. Has anyone heard of this family being bred towards the pearl leg straight comb side?

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