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Thread: Cockfights magazine

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    Cockfights magazine

    How do I obtain a copy of "Cockfights" magazine issue #15? It is the newest issue and I can't seem to get the "Cockhouse" website to let me order it. I already have an account with them and it didn't recognize my e-mail address so I opened up a new account and then the site wouldn't even recognize the account I just opened. It seems like they are out of busness maybe.

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    Re: Cockfights magazine

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    Re: Cockfights magazine

    You can email Mr. Wilvin Sy of the few gentleman in the sport.

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    Re: Cockfights magazine

    I Think Your Right I Also Tried To Place An Order They Even Contacted Me Via Email When I Ask For Shipping Cost That Was It ,heard Nothing Yet . This Started Mounths Ago .they Are Eather Out Of Business Or Making So Much Money They Just Don't Care ..prehaps Someone More Responsable Should Open A New Company..

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