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Thread: standard conditioning medication program

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    standard conditioning medication program

    Standard Conditioning Medication Program


    May I have your opinion regarding conditioning medication program.
    May you share your ideas and practical applications as well as specific procedures? I know it is as if I am asking for a secret formula but please if you donít mind.
    I am just new in cockfighting sport and I want to know the ins and outs of this prestigious game.

    First It is said that you should give your cock a medication program according to its needs, now can somebody share us some specific kind of medication as well as its functions, Just a standard that could apply to any practical situation assuming all your birds are healthy.

    Because I experience some situations in the past that I attest to efficiency of specific drug brand, by word of mouth only so I tried to use it only to find out that it materially affect the performance of my cock. Perhaps I need to tailor the medication according to the needs of my birds.

    We say that health is no. 1 for us to have a good cock, now a medication I suppose and proper conditioning and pointing is a plus not disregarding of course the genetic framework of our lines.

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    Re: standard conditioning medication program

    sir good pm paki post po kun panu? thanks

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