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Thread: Home-made Incubators

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    Re: Home-made Incubators

    Quote Originally Posted by Quapaw Kid View Post
    Not as easy as Though .. I can make stuff , I just don't wanna ... I prefer to use surrogate hens but not gonna happen this year . The main thing is back up power .. Can't do that with most .
    Yep I hear ya. I use back up hens myself when the hen that Kaye’s the eggs doesn’t want to sit. I know that in the east coast winters are super harsh than here in California. So power loss happens a lot.

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    Re: Home-made Incubators

    Good day po mga Ma'am/Sir, I'm a student po ng Mapua University. Asking for a help para po sa thesis po na ginagawa ko. Thank you po sa mga makakapansin.

    Eto po yung link:

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    Re: Home-made incubator

    Do you have any plans for a cabinet incubator?

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    Re: Home-made Incubators

    I used to scavenge or buy parts from different manufacturers to build my own. Like the heating element from sportsmans etc and it was a pain.

    Now I just buy a incukit. 75 bucks. It's a digital thermostat that looks like one for a central heat and air unit for a house. It can be calibrated also which is a major plus. Then the heating unit and fan are all one unit. It uses four screws provided to attach inside the incubator. And 2 to hand the thermostat on. It has a long heat probe so your temp is pulled from the center and not the top like with sportsmans etc. I made an incubator with one incukit unit that has the same capacity as the sportsmans. Only needed one incukit. So 75 bucks and it only took 15 minutes to get it all set up. The thermostat has two sets of wires with plugs. If you wanted to do a really big incubator simply buy the extra heating element/fan and plug into the other set of wires. So essentially you can make a refrigerator sized incubator for 150 bucks. With very little work.

    I run staggered hatches in 2 sportsmans I've had for about 20nyears. I took one incukit and put in a large cooler. Use two trays same size as the ones in sportsmans and thay leaves room on the drain end for the water container. I used a drill and hole saw to cut out a 2inch diameter hole where the cooler drain is. I put a bbq grill air flow cover on it for 99 cents to adjust air intake. It took me less than 30 mins. Beginning to end. So the eggs that are ready for lock down get moved to the coolerbator and I add more eggs to the incubators and continue this routine through hatching season

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