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Thread: Malaysian vs Normal

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    Malaysian vs Normal

    I gotta ask can anyone explain to me the differance between Malaysian knives and the regular fork knives?? Please explain


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    Re: Malaysian vs Normal

    for my experience the blades are different malay is thinner as to the old round backs the base of the knife is wider. and also the way they tie it you tube has it i think.

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    Re: Malaysian vs Normal

    Well, it is all about the design. The original Malaysian knife (taji) made by the Ibans in Sarawak are thin, low point with curvy end and very light. Its lenght is about 3 to 3.5 inches. The knife can be in form of sulat or adjustable socket. Personally, i prefer the Malaysian knife. In Malaysia, a fight only took 10 to 30 seconds. I believed this is due to the knife used. My Malaysian friend told me that this knife suitable for any fighting style of the birds. He said that in Malaysia cutting ability of the birds is secondary, what all the birds needed to win is its two feet.

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    Re: Malaysian vs Normal

    Malaysian knife is typically a flex blade that bends when a bird is hit and makes devastating wounds because it makes the blade wiggle in the bird

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    Re: Malaysian vs Normal

    please post some pics to better understand the difference of the two?

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