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Thread: Books on gamefowl breeding

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    Re: Books on gamefowl breeding

    Salamat PITGODS when I was in Cebu I got Training the Gamecocks by Jun Jamandores but there as another one in tagalog cant remember the title it was a white/cream cover if you know the title...

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    Re: Books on gamefowl breeding

    Theres some great books out there but i think if you spend the time searching this board you can get most of the info your looking for and it more up to date with the times. There some great breeder of today that post on this board just use some common sence and take the info and apply the things you feel will help your programs the best. There is not 1 right way.

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    Re: Books on gamefowl breeding

    Quote Originally Posted by isorn View Post
    Thanks Sentenciador in fact I found lots of books about sabong but I m sure all of you got them already but in case I zipped them and here is the link 2 download but I haven't found Harry Parr 'Breeding the gamefowl' ( so if someone can share it... thanks


    List :

    -breeding farm animal 1911
    -cocker s manual 1878
    -cockers guide 1899
    -complete guide for conditioning...
    -gamefowls 1912
    -gamefowls 1869
    -old english fowl 1891
    -royal past time 1709
    -rules of the cockpit 1900
    -secret in fowl breeding
    -sport in the olden times 1912
    -the books of games 1886
    -the gamefowl 1903
    salamat sir... napaka gandang book nito.

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    Re: Books on gamefowl breeding

    Anybody interested in selling some of the books mentioned in this thread pm me please .

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    Re: Books on gamefowl breeding

    I would like to ask if any of our fellow members would happen to have any books or magazines in PDF they would like to share?
    I just got done reading The Immortal Nick Arrington & what a book! They should make a movie from that book!!

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