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Thread: What chicken weight is best to breed for fighting in the bigtime?

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    Question What chicken weight is best to breed for fighting in the bigtime?

    what is the best weight to breed gamecocks to fight in the bigtime & why?


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    I dont think you can breed the weight, because if that is so that would be a medical breakthrough for humans also.

    if what you meant is what is the best fighting weight for your fighter in the bigtime, then some factors you have to consider.
    - have you fought the rooster before?
    - how many times have you fought your fighter?
    - what was the weight of your fighter?
    -what was your conditioning method in the winning fights?

    some fighters are great at 1.9 than if they weigh 2.5, it is a strict discipline, another factor too is the type of 'materials' or breed you are using and your familiarity with the family you are fighting.

    this is a very personal question to a person who produced a 'strain'

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    maybe under or over-wt for you, because the exact wt is for big-time competitors.

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    h. lee castillo


    for best reference:

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    ....... maybe to avoid being fought against toughies? ..... like Tbirds weight is on heavy side.... DL birds are on medium side ..... considering weight range of 1800/2400 .... heheh....


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    Regardless. So long as the weight can be matched, which means having the weight of a chicken . Otherwise you'll get disqualified.

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