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Thread: Mr. Cozad

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    Mr. Cozad

    Just wanted you to read this since we got off topic in Roostertronics and it was deleted, not sure if you had the time to see it. Hopefully this will shed some light on the person I am.

    Originally Posted by team.crusader

    [[[And Falkor you joined this site on May 13 2011. What happened did poops call another less radical animal rights extremist to keep someone here because Wayne P is afraid poops has been exposed for the fraud he is?]]]

    Nah cozad I'm just a good ole boy that wanted some input on an idea.

    Been spending my day with the kids and letting the biddies hit the yard, the kids have been full of excitement today. Asking me tons of questions about the chickens and I tried to answer them all honestly. After we were done talking I really didn't know how they would feel, but then my daughter looked up and said Daddy next time you go show a rooster I wanna come, and can I raise my own rooster, and I want a purple one or a yellow one. I got a big smile and said of course you can tag along and yep we'll build a pen for yours, but they don't make purple roosters. Ok I'll take a yellow one then. Then we walked over and started scraping paint off the house. Damned old house is probably 100 years old and needs some love.

    If I were on pacelle's payroll, I guess I wouldn't have to worry about painting my house, and I wouldn't be having that conversation with my daughter, and potential future spokeswoman of our sport.

    You should go outside and enjoy the day my friend.

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    Re: Mr. Cozad

    How about u INFORMANT TERRORIST poops, what is ur agenda here?

    tell pacelle it's time 4 a new INFORMANT...

    bl cozad agenda/platform is to promote the legalization of cockfighting in the USA or support cockfighters. go to facebook.

    Quote Originally Posted by pops View Post
    and Cozad joined April 11th, 2011 been advancing his A-R-A agenda ever since

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    Re: Mr. Cozad

    Damn are you painting your house too poops? You and Falkor both painting your house with your grandkids and your granddaughters both going to be the future spokespeople for the dunghill peddlers like poops that doesn't even own chickens. hmmm what are the odds? are you exposing your *** ass again or are you just too stupid to think of anything original to say poops? hahahahaha

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