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Thread: Sid Taylor Blacks

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    Question Sid Taylor Blacks

    Can anyone please explain what is the blood composition of this blood line and its history.I'm well aware that we have Black Sids which in no way resembles the Sid Taylor blacks colors which i see in the magazines or samples shown in gamefowl websites.

    We have these family of blacks for years now which resembles Black McRaes more than anything else but thats what the original breeder/importer of the fowl labeled them so thats what we followed suit. They're winning very well for us and i'm inclined to understand more about them. Thanks for the inputs in advance.

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    Try the gamefowl connection

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    I'll do that!

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    The History of the Sid Taylor Log Cabins
    The original strain of the chickens from which the Sid Taylor's of today were made goes back many years before the Civil War of 1861. These chickens were bred by Jim Shy of Lexington,Ky. Shy lived near the racetrack at Lexington and bred his chickens on the farm of Jim Price, who lived near Pinegrove, Ky. Their farm join the land owned by Mr. Gay on which he lived and bred his chickens. Price was interested in all kinds of sports events and he backed Shy`s cocks heavily Shy fought his cocks in Lexington and other places very successfully no one seems to know what these chickens were. The cocks came red, brown red ,pyle and blue red. with many of them having white feathers in their wings and tails. Mr. Gay had an uncle who lived near Pinegrove who remembered walking cocks for Prive and Shy in the fifties. Soon after the war of the sixties Sid Taylor got chickens from Shy. he told Mr. Gay that they were the first real good, dependable, winning, cocks he has ever had. Although he had been breeding and fighting cocks before that time. Mr. Taylor was closely associated with Shy until his death in 1892. Shy was said to be nighty years old when he died. He became blind eight or ten years before his death. When his eye sight became very bad he gave Mr. Taylor all of his gaffs and all his chickens. The first cross Mr. Taylor made on the Shy chickens was in the early seventies. In 1869, George Cadwallader gave Taylor 6 black importer Irish hens, of the 6 black Irish hens Taylor put a blue cock that came from Shy. Mr. Taylor was supplying cocks to Tom O`Neal and Wadle, he crossed the Wadle Irish [black cock with black eyes know as the blackberry eyes] into his chickens. The Wadle Irish came dark or mulberry color faces the hens were black cocks being dark red. This was about 1880 he also made a cross with O`Neal doms and established a yard of doms. Since that time Mr. Taylor had one yard of his chickens that showed dom color, and Mr. Gay had done the same thing since. The dom blood has never been bred into the other families and they never showed dom markings. The other families were bred into the dom family from time to time, the dom color had been kept up, but they do not always breed for color. Mr. Taylor`s cocks were dom, and with a brown red some of them showed white feathers in the tail and wings. The brown red family Mr. Gay developed himself. In 1912 Mr. Gay fought a brown red stag from the red family, that he liked so much that he bred to him and contented to breed to him until 1920 when he died. This cock was kept at a log cabin on the farm and he came to be know as "log cabin" and the children from him called "log cabin". Today the log cabin family are largely the blood of this first cock. Log cabin had 21 full brothers, nineteen of them won their first fights. Many won more. Log cabin was a 6 time winner. The progeny of log cabin have been largely responsible for the Sid Taylor winning the National Tournament at Orlando in 1922 and again in the 1924 tournament. There was one of log cabin`s sons that won the 6th fight in 1922 and the shake battle in 1924 tournament. Mr. Gay has used this cock for two seasons as a brood cock. The Sid Taylors are purely a Kentucky product, the foundation stock being old Shy chickens into the chickens Mr. Taylor put import Irish blood from Hudderson in the early seventies. In the early eighties Taylor again crossed import Irish blood from Wadle. These two infusions of imported Irish blood into Shy chickens made all the families of the Sid Taylors except the dom family which has the addition of O`Neal dom blood about 1870. There has been no other blood put into the Sid Taylors since these crosses where made by Taylor a period of over forty years. They have only been in the hands of two men, Taylor and Gay.

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