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Thread: Why Cross?

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    Why Cross?

    For beginners in breeding like myself, hope we can learn something from this article.

    Source: Gamecock Calendar 1991

    By The Old Gray Fox

    this for a long time and have just decided
    to do so. I have always thought that it
    would be better if a person would take one
    family of fowl and breed them instead of
    two or three families and forever crossing
    them. The truth of the matter is that no
    matter who you are or what fowl you may
    have, all you can ever hope for is a lucky
    nick and 99 times out of 100 you cannot
    keep this cross going for very long. If you
    happen to find two families that nick to
    make a superioir battle cross, the best that
    you can hope is to blend the two families
    together to make a strain and even
    then you will have to single mate at least
    10 to 12 brood pens and make perfect
    selections to hope to have any amount of
    This is why I have always beleived it
    better to breed one family and breed them
    with only one thing in mind, and that is
    to make a better fighting cock. I know that
    there is a lot of different ways to do this
    but the way I know may or may not be the
    way, but I have found it works best
    for me. I would suggest that you start
    with three stags and three pullets not too
    closely related to one another but of the
    same family and single mate and try
    to raise at least 20 stags from each pen
    to full growth. This will give you sixty
    stags but you should cull hard and keep only
    ten from each pen to fight, this will give
    you better idea of which pen is
    producing what.
    A good example of this is the story of
    Dead End Farms. There are more advantages
    in breeding one family that in breeding crosses.
    I will try to list a few good
    reasons why: (1) Uniform looks and fight-
    ing ability; (2) The right amount of flesh
    that each cock should carry; (3) The best
    type of gaff for this family; (4) Less
    brood fowl and less brood pens; (5) The
    chance to make your own family of fowl;
    (6) Your selection in brood fowl is more simple
    (7) To be able to create the kind of fowl you wish to fight.
    In breeding crosses for battle cocks
    you never know how two or more brothers
    will fight and you will have to maintain
    enough brood pens for two or more
    families, as well as keep records on
    all these and your selection will be a
    lot harder as well as for brood fowl
    and battle cock.
    I would like to say that there are many
    men listed in GAMECOCK who have families
    that can win 51% and dead game and if a
    person ordered a trio from any one of these
    men and devoted his time and effort to single
    mate and keep records, select the best
    stags and pullet, that every year he would im-
    prove them and reach the point where they
    could win 75% to 80%, then the rewards
    would all be his and the family of fowl
    would be his, of his own making.
    My friend and partner has a family of
    dark red white-legged fowl that were at one
    time direct from Walter Kelso and the last
    living hen of this line that carried Walter
    Kelso wing band died in 1972 at the age of
    18 or 19 and her son and daughters have
    been used to carry on this line and he has
    infused some Murphy blood from time-to-
    time that also came from Walter Kelso. But
    they are no longer Kelso's, they are now
    his fowl and I will use these fowl to
    make me a family and no other blood will I
    put in them. I have disposed of all other
    I would like to name a few men in
    Gamecock that you may order from and I will
    stake my name and life on them. These
    are honest and very good chicken men and
    they love their fowl more than money:
    John Sears, Gene Brown, Johnie Jumper, Ray
    Alexander, Paul Webster, Rudy Ibele,
    Loyce Derouen, Grady Fields, Vistor
    Wright, Dennis D. Dunivan.
    I wish you would stop and think about
    breeding one family and what it would
    mean to you and the rewards it would
    bring you and also the satisfaction of
    creating your fowl.
    Have you ever stopped and thought
    about where we would be if the men who
    created the different families of gamefowl
    would have crossed all the time instead of
    making families so that the future cockers
    would have something to breed on in the
    If these men were able to do this, why
    can't we do the same thing? I would like
    to suggest that you breed this way every
    other season. What I mean by this is to
    give your self time to prove your crop of
    cocks then decide how or what to breed,
    instead of breeding the same brood yards
    twice before you find out which ones are
    producing the good ones. Breed the first
    year, then do not breed until you fight
    your first crop; this way you will save
    time and money. Think about it.
    The more you get in a hurry the more
    mistakes you will make and the more
    money it will cost you and the more
    chances you will have of making mistakes.
    This sports can be great hobby and very
    rewarding but be sure and put first things
    first. This sport can also be very costly
    hoby, so you should first off meke up
    your mind just what amount you can
    spend in a years time on this sport
    without hurting your family and
    above all, be sure that you include your
    family in this hobby with you as it will
    affect them too. You must also remember
    that this is not a hobby where you can
    make a lot of money. If you wish to
    make money out of this sport, then you
    will have to quit your job and make
    a business out of it, and when you
    do this, remember you will take all the
    fun out of it and it will be nothing but
    hard work and a lot of headaches.
    I hope you read this in the spirit
    in which it was intended, and I hope
    this sports brings you many hours
    and years of pleasure and wonderful
    friends like it has to me. And I
    hope this has given you food for thought.

    May God Bless you and your loved ones.

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    Thumbs up

    Nice and informative article!

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    very nice article...

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    good day Sir,this is a very helpfull information especially for a begginer like myself.want to ask you more about Mr.Walter he the same person under the Oleander Gamefarm.
    Thanks again.

    Peace Out !!!

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