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    "Just how game are you?"

    Ok, a bunch of you have read the Att: Texas Cockers thread and I havent got but one pm. Wrong person. Lets just see how many people really are wanting to help the Gamefowl community out.We see what we did to the HR 2492 vote. We did good getting that opposing vote up were it is and I want to thank everyone who voted. Numbers do work together and they will grow. So I ask now we all pull together again and help a fellow cocker out. HE NEEDS OUR HELP! This is another chance for us to do something good to fight and show them we are tired of our rights being taken away. He hasn't been found guilty but they are assuming he is with out a court hearing on his charges yet. A recent Federal Court ruled that the owners of animals held by the county or state waiting the outcome of a trial could not be used to charge the owner of the animals for upkeep unless the court brings in a final ruling of guilty. If charges are dropped or the defendant is found to be not guilty the State and/or county must assume the expenses incurred while caring for the animals. To charge the defendant before the result of the trial is an assumption of guilt and the assumption of guilt prior to trial is unconstitutional. Mr. Cordova needs some of the information on recent Federal Court Rulings to share with his attorney so that his Civil Rights are protected and to be reimbursed for the illegal taking of his money and property. Hitting the cash register of this County, and every other County in this Country, through the courts, is the only way that we can get the government to repeal the unconstitutional laws against our animal agriculture industry.
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