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    If you just absolutely can't get the dang donation crap out of your heads then donate them to a catfish farm to feed the fish. With the understanding that the fish farm donate a certain amount of fish to the poor or needy in your harvest facility's name. You donate to the fish farm weekly they donate to the needy monthly amount of fish to be worked out.

    Fish, like chickens aren't harmed by the nux vomica unless it's in extremly large amounts.

    Now can you'll get off of this and get back to articulating our talking points and educating everyone on the legitimate arguments, key phrases, selling points and important words to use.

    And like Whiterooster was saying verbally threatening someone and yelling at them will not win our argument.

    Exposing an arrogant legislator as an idiot or someone in the pocket of the animal rights extremists with clear, concise talking points in front of his peers can be satisfiying and eye opening to his peers though.
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