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Thread: Already had the lies planned

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    Already had the lies planned

    They are already lieing to the public and deceiving them out of their hard earned money before Hurricane Irene touched land. Just like they lied to the public about Hurricane Katrina and MiKe Vick This is one of the reasons we need to pass out the handouts to educate the public on the misleading lies they are using to fatten their bank account so they can use that money to get bills passed...

    Eye on the East Coast—please help our Animal Rescue Team save animals from natural disasters and cruelty
    Last updated August 26, 2011, 9:31 AM EST

    Your donation helps us be there for animals in times of desperate need.

    Our Animal Rescue Team is readying to deploy whenever and wherever needed along the East Coast to help animals in crisis should Hurricane Irene hit.

    We will continue to respond to animals in crisis—including those affected by natural disasters and cruelty—but the funding for our Animal Rescue Team depletes daily.

    Make sure that everyone you know has a plan for the storm—for themselves and their pets. Then please help our Animal Rescue Team continue answering the call during times of disaster by making a donation using the secure form below.

    Your gift will be used exclusively for disaster and cruelty response. (Click here to see how your donation to the Animal Rescue Team will be used.)

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    Re: Already had the lies planned

    they should put we are ready to deploy and lie and cheat honest people out of their hard earned money. LYING S.O.B.S.

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    Re: Already had the lies planned

    If H****S can penetrate cockfights, can you not also penetrate the H*****S on how they execute their so called "rescued" animals? If they can do that, maybe the only thing that is best is to get one evidence from their part on how they execute those so called "rescued" animals and show it also to the world. Such lies would of course backfire to them.....

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