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Thread: Good ol Grey toppie

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    Good ol Grey toppie

    Heres one of my chicken stories i remember from when i was a kid.....

    Many years ago when i was 9, my dad was 26, my dad had a cousin that was 3 years older then him so he was 29. My dads cousin and my grandpa's and other kin folks had all just got into gamefowl this was the late 80's early 90's. In the spring of 93 my dads cousin gets in some trouble and goes to jail. While my dads cousin was in jail he told my dad to go get all the stags off the yard that he had raised right before he went to jail. He had bred a spangled morgan whitehackle cock and Some kind of Grey cock to every hen on the yard. Well my dad went and caught them, i think he had only caught about 2o roosters but all of them was healthy as could be. He had some whitehackle roundheads,whitehackle brownreds and a few hatch whitehackles, thats what they got off the whitehackle cock. Off of the grey cock he bred to the hens he got, TWO 1/2 yl hatch 1/2 grey stags,4 grey kelso stags and 1 grey toppie stag. I spent countless hours carrying wood off the truck to the building spot where we was building all the new fly pens and other pens for all the new roosters. One of the grey kelso stags and whitehackle roundheads got into a wire fight and died when they were 15 months old. All the others were kept until my dads cousin was released from jail and that was 2 years later so all the stags were not fresh 2 year old cocks. I didnt go to all of the fights but i remember alot of the stags they had bred that year were multiple winner except one of the yl hatch grey stags he got killed in the first fight and so did one of the hatch whitehackles. Anyways it came time for the only grey toppy that they had raised that year to be in the keep. Ie remember looking at him in the fly pen when i was young, him just sitting up there making noises and crowing violently, and i mean he as a nice sized rooster he was 6lbs!! He wasnt no little thang lol But the days went bye we would spar him and he would give it to the other rooster, he would cut cut cut and had alot of power. Well one saturday morning my dad asked if i wante to go to a fight and i said yea so i got in the truck and we were off. We got there and all the people had there roosters out weighing them and fighting them. My Dad weighed the grey toppy and we finally got a match.

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    Re: Good ol Grey toppie

    They got into the pit and pecked the roosters and got them ready the other boy had a spangled mclean a beautiful rooster,they pitted them and both roosters came out strong our grey was cutting and his was also. We had his rooster rattled the first pit. This time came, my dad pitted again and they went to it,idk what it was but the spangled came out stronger then before and started taking control of the battle, his rooster got our gaff hung in them so they grabbed them. Our rooster was hurt a little but so was his so we thought it was even, both roosters had a limp. The next pit came and his rooster chopped our grey down. He was hurt bad but he showed alot of gameness even though he was hurt and thats what my dad said he liked abou him so he said he would take the loss just to have the bird back so he did. Well they grey recovered a time later and after awhile they dicided to show him again. We got to the pit my dad weighed the cock and got us a match. It came out time, but this time my dads cousin wanted to pit the rooster so he said ok go ahead. We had 3 inch gaffs on him this time instead of the 21/2 inch. I remember this like it was yesterday they pitted the roosters and i remember watching the grey leave out of his hands and meet the other rooster fly to the roof of the barn with them long gaffs and shuffle the rooster to death, the grey had killed the other rooster in the fly. We was all very happy with him. The next year, the fought him again and it was against the same rooster and handler that had almost killed them the year before, the grey ended up killing the spangled bird in the 2nd pit. He won 2 more fights after that until he was 4 year only then he went to the brood pen until the died at the age of 9, his offsprings were good we had several 2 and 3 time winners but not a 5 like he was... Thanks Yall Mike

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    Re: Good ol Grey toppie

    Good story thanks for sharing. Do you remember the grey strain? Was it grey over red toppy?

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