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Thread: World Slasher Cup 2012!

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    Exclamation World Slasher Cup 2012!

    1 week to go til the World Slasher Cup 2012!

    Set for January 16-22, hostilities will begin on the 16th with the first set of entries locking horns for their 2-cock eliminations followed by the second half of competitors taking on each other for their own preliminaries on the 17th. The 2-cock semis for Group A is on Jan. 18, while Group B meet again on Jan 19. The 4-cock finals for Group A is on Jan. 21 and the ultimate event is on Jan. 22 for the Group B finalists.

    With 207 entries registered in January of 2009; 240 in January 2010 and 274 at the beginning of 2011, it is highly anticipated that the number of competitors will now present more than 300 entries.

    Patrick Antonio (Sagupaan B-50) who ruled over 274 other entries in January last year and 2011 WSC-2 champions Rey Briones (Spartans DR-1), Boy Jiao & Ito Ynares (June 14 NCA Big Event Ynares Arena 220K Pot) and Rikki Reyes (@PR Knights Rian WRN) are expected to launch gallant defense of their titles.

    Among the confirmed foreign participants as of this time are Roger Roberts (Georgia), Ray Alexander (Alabama), Kali Casco (Hawaii), Larry Romero, Jason Campbell, Sedfrey Linsangan (Guam), Jorge "Goy" Goitia (California), Zosimo Antivo (Las Vegas), Clarence Perkins (Kentucky), Mike Formosa (Hawaii), Greg Berin (Australia), Jorge Torres (Californina), Zaldy Sandoval (California), Tony Ang (Taiwan), Chris Casilan (Hawaii), Rodel Costales (California), Jeff Hudspeth (California), Randy Hall (Texas), Tyrone Kennedy (Alabama), Peter Uren (Australia), Martin Barla and Jose Carcillar (Chicago).

    Score updates will be posted on
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    Re: World Slasher Cup 2012!

    Go Martin Baria and Jose Carillar!

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    Re: World Slasher Cup 2012!

    Can't wait to see who wins this one. I think it's time for an American entry to take top honors this year. Good Luck to all participants. YFIS

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