Part 1

American Gamefowl Defense Network

As long as gamefowl harvesters remain fragmented and fail to recognize that,
globally, we have more commonalities than differences, then our social,
political and legal goals will never be realized. However, if gamefowl
harvesters are able to unite then the combined energy and political capital
created will make the impossible possible.

A political action network for the gamefowl industry would be an invaluable tool
in the struggle for our currently denied rights base. A political action
network allows instantaneous communication and efficient responses to calls for
action among all members of a political movement. This framework and strategy
has been embraced by disenfranchised groups and every effective political
movement in America since the inception of electronic mail. I have personally
witnessed the strength of a political action network and the resulting
legislative success in the arena of motorcycle rights. This formula works and
it's historical successes cannot be denied.

The American Gamefowl Defense Network is being initiated as non-partisan effort to unite
the world of gamefowl harvesters in order to more effectively achieve our
political and legal agenda. The Gamefowl Network will solely focus on gamefowl
issues in recognition that other political agendas may internally derail an
otherwise focused movement. Specific and intelligent legal and constitutional
arguments are critical for the success of any marginalized class of citizenry
that is already defined as extremist. Gamefowl Harvesters are law abiding US
citizens attempting to capture equal protection of the law. Gamefowl harvesters
are not political extremists to be easily discounted and marginalized
by policymakers.

The American Gamefowl Defense Network consists of a very simple structure
designed for near instantaneous communication and action.