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While good for a few guys, this is horrible news for the rest of us.

---from the court

Upon our review of the parties? arguments, we hold that the animal fighting statute is a constitutional exercise of Congress? power under the Commerce Clause; that the provision of different elements of the crime in jurisdictions permitting animal fighting does not violate Lawson?s equal protection rights; and that the district court did not err in conducting Scott Lawson?s trial jointly with the trials of his codefendants.
However, we hold that the juror?s misconduct violated Lawson?s right to a fair trial, and we therefore vacate the convictions for violating the animal fighting statute. For this reason, we also vacate the conspiracy convictions with respect to those defendants for which the conspiracy alleged related solely to the animal fighting activities.
Additionally, we reject the challenges made by several of the defendants to the illegal gambling convictions, and we affirm the convictions relating to those offenses as well as the conspiracy convictions for which illegal gambling was one of the objects of the conspiracy alleged.