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Thread: Somewhere in the Southwestern Desert...

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    Re: Somewhere in the Southwestern Desert...

    Amigo Senteciador thank you for bringing a LiL bit of my part of the world to Sabong, indeed the average temperatures around here in the month of June, July and august is 112 F or 44 degrees Celcius, and it reaches quite often up to 120f for weeks at the time.
    The feeding part is actually not that hard but the shelter part of it is the more challenging one. Specially for birds on the string (tepees) and the wire fly pens lots of clean water, hard grains, grass clippings and some alfalfa hay is how we do it, reduce the amount of feed and reduce some the corn in the hot summer months.
    Some people like feeding soaked grains we don't because of bacteria buildup, wetting a little area under their shelter without making a mud puddle is alway a good idea to help them cool off. Too much water on the ground and you kill them by suffocating them with the steam and humidity.
    But the strenght and speed of these Game birds raised in the Desert southwest is renown, they are hardy and durable.
    Copper State was one of the places where lots of famous Cockers came to compete and left defeated to a handfull of local cockers with no names because of endurance and quality of the local cocks raised in the area.
    We ugly-up the Gallera every summer by hanging feed sacks and palm tree fronds to make extra shade and that makes a big difference.
    How lucky I am that my two galleras the one in Baja Mexico and the one in So Cal/border w AZ are loccated in places were the weather is hot as hell??

    Amigo sentenciador next time you come to this area please let me know or if you going to travel to mexico I would love to take you around.
    BTW 100% or 16/16 Messicun
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    Re: Somewhere in the Southwestern Desert...

    i know that guy topher we are in the same

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    Re: Somewhere in the Southwestern Desert...

    See this, it may not be illegal there. No blood letting.

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