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Thread: Vaccine handling/shipping problem...

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    Vaccine handling/shipping problem...

    So I ordered a vaccine from Jeffers and paid the "second day shipping" paid for the little cooler and a bag of their ice gel. They sent it Monday and it was supposed to arrive Wednesday... I check tracking online and the USPS said that they "forgot the package at the office" and it was going to be delivered the following day... vaccine arrived Thursday, ice had melted... wasn't hot but it wasn't cold either... Do you guys think that the vaccine is ruined? Pisses me off because I spend a hundred bucks in it... it was a coriza vaccine...

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    Re: Vaccine handling/shipping problem...

    Call Jeffers early morning Monday you may get Mrs Jeffers. Explain situation to her. They always address any issues I have with them. If you paid for over night there is NO-ZERO excuse for a Ooops!

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    Re: Vaccine handling/shipping problem...

    Storage temperature of Coryza Vaccines should be between 2 deg. C to 7 deg. C or about 35 deg. F to 45 deg. F. But no freezing!
    Before vaccination, the temp. should be lowered to 18 deg. C to 20 deg. C.
    Use them immediately!

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