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Thread: New Magazines Uploaded

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    New Magazines Uploaded

    Check out the Library for more new uploads of old magazines!

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    Re: New Magazines Uploaded

    What was the story on red diamond. I heard of the red diamond blood to be miniature gamefowl. Can u inform me.

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    Re: New Magazines Uploaded

    My Gamecock Magazine August 1935

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    Re: New Magazines Uploaded

    Quote Originally Posted by u.k velcro View Post
    My Gamecock Magazine August 1935

    That's very antique. It was sold then at .15 cents.

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    JC... are you going to upload the mag I gave you ?
    can you acknowledged me......are you going to
    watch the short knife fight tonight at arcontica?
    what about the game fowl show at picc...?
    any plans on going to japan? let me know.
    " one life time is not enough to learn about
    gamefowl breeding". it is like a vast universe
    what can come out will never cease to amaze us".

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    Re: New Magazines Uploaded

    I’m looking for some older issues from the gamecock if anybody could help me out.

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