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Thread: My ASIL vs Shamo today.....

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    My ASIL vs Shamo today.....

    i had a 15 min spar today with my 7 month pure asil agasinst a 10 month shamo.

    The first 5 mins was really good the asil was to tacticle for the shamo and hitting constantly. however as the spar progressed my bird was not accurate with his hitting and was very poor with the shamo hitting everytime.

    I Was really pleased with the asil though as he shown more game and stuck with the shamo all the way even for a bird that was 3 month younger.

    However! any advice on wat i methods i could use to help my asils hitting and accuracy would be much appreciated!!

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    Re: My ASIL vs Shamo today.....

    I am sorry, but isn't fighting illegal where you are (UK)? I hope you are not a "fisherman"...
    Aseel d Past, Present & Future - M.Romulo

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    Re: My ASIL vs Shamo today.....

    I stick with aseel mix shamos more aseel influence with just a quater of shamo ,after I have had shamos .
    And comparing both abilities shamos and aseel.
    I'm still impressed how my aseel one pound lighter than my talking about birds 7 lbs and up.
    Was so precisely and dominant in all times.
    I mixed some with shamos just to given a little more heigh.

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    Re: My ASIL vs Shamo today.....

    Good gamefowl, Yes, mixing Shamo and Aseel or asil is very good in naked heel derby. In our place we breed Shamo to our native Aseel, the reult is amazing Shamo/Aseel gamefowl

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