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Yup. They probably don't have the pork barrel system They use their own hard earned money. That's why walang babuyan sa betting

Gaff vs. Espuelas? Steel vs. Plastic? The steel is a bigger advantage. The steel will always make a hole, the plastic sometimes bounces off the skin. I takes awhile for the plastic to pierce a hole.

Oh...really.. Sorry for the ignorance but I thought that those espuelas are made of very hard plastic and seems to be very sharp also, that they can penetrate all the way in specially in the "armpit or kili kili" area. I surely dont know exactly their reason of using the plastic espuela but, is it because they want a longer fight? So it sounds like the fights would be very much faster if short gaffs are used in that kind of game. I wonder if there would be a big difference in fight time if compared to the espuela.