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    So here I'm this morning trying to open the internet. Can't get through. So click on the control panel, check my internet connection. Guess what I saw, FBI_Surveillance network. Its signal is stronger than my own modem. So is somebody snooping on us? Is that a moving network on vehicle? I'm not paranoid but it could be a fake network. Anyhow now that I got into my favorite website. I'm reposting what I copied on the Gamecock magazine that I find interesting. I posted first on Wasatch thread and now here it is again.

    By James “Mac” White

    THERE WAS AN ARTICLE WRITTEN A short time ago in Gamecock and the article was written by Mr. Leslie Melvill. In the article Les mentioned the death of a very dear friend of his, Walker Rauch. He went on to tell about Walker breeding the California Hatch fowl.

    There are some who do not know about Mr. Rauch or the California Hatch. It seems that when Mr. Sanford Hatch was fight his fowl he never parted with any fowl, to anyone. There were people who helped him in the training and transporting (hauling) to and from the fights. One of these gents was named George Schleck. It seems he was the person who drove Mr. Hatch and was very close to him, however, he was unable to obtain any of the Hatch fowl. He later moved to California and asked Hatch for some fowl. He was told as soon as Mr. Hatch knew for certain he would not return to New York he could be able to secure any yard he wished.

    When it became apparent he was not returning, Mr. Hatch sent him the family he desired. He (Schleck) knew the Hatch fowl probably as well as anyone and he asked for the yard made up as follows: half Kearney Brown Red – Half Kearney Whitehackle. This was set as a family of fowl when they arrive in California. Mr. Schleck asked a man named Bill Taylor to keep them for him. Mr. Taylor gave Walker some of the offspring and according to close friends kept the family together from 1941-42 until now.

    I understand Mr. Don Carse and Mr. Rauch came East and made a great showing with some ˝ California Hatch – ˝ Chets. These were thought by the late Sweater McGinnis to be “as good as cocks ever get”. He secured two of the cocks and bred them, producing what he called the best cocks he ever saw. He let a man in Ohio have one and this cock bred over some Harold Brown and Curtis Blackwell McLean hens produced some fabulous Hatch-type cocks. The California blood (pure) was never placed into many people’s hands. It could probably be said Walker was one of the very few who kept it absolutely pure.

    I know of some of the California crosses doing very well today, the pure California Hatch cocks being almost worthless as pit cocks. I have some bred from a pair secured from Mr. Walker while he was living. The cock is low-headed and seemingly knows little about fighting. I have crossed him over my Lacy Roundhead hens and they appear to be fighting stags. Mr. Melvill is responsible for my being able to get those from Walker and I am eternally grateful. They are very uniform and all the pure ones I have personally seen are like peas in a pod. There is apparently no question about their gameness. I know just about where all the pure are and they are very few. I will publish some photos later so everyone will know how a real Sanford Hatch cock looks. These fowl are not for sale to anyone as that is not the intent of this article.

    There are some people still living who could clear up a lot of controversies about our fowl and cockers gone on before us, but the people who know the most refuse to put it in print. The information I put to pen can be verified as being authentic and comes from modern cockers directly involved with the story being told, the information from this article coming from Mr. Walker Rauch, Leslie Melvill and the great Oriental man (name withheld). Remember, all modern day Hatch families are offshoots of these great fowl, the McLean Blue Face, Leiper, etc., etc.

    Does anyone have a picture (photo) of Mr. Hatch? I would love to have a copy for my collection. Please contact me at the address below if you have one. Thank you.

    The events won by Don Carse and Walker Rauch were Haverhill (in Ohio) and LaPlace in Louisiana.

    --James “Mac” White
    Rt 2, Box 071
    Loretto, TN 38469
    615 853-4973

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    Did anybody get the California hatch from Mac. Or seen them perform years ago.

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    There are few American cockers today who do not use some type of Hatch blood in their pit fowl. If we may be allowed to, we offer some brief insight to their breeding.

    Mr. E. Sanford (Sandy) Hatch had a family of Irish Whitehackle, from Maurice O’Connell, which were considered very game. When Mr. John Leiper went to feed for Mr. Hatch he infused the Coolidge-Duryea Boston Roundhead blood. Later in 1931 Mr. Heinie Mathesius took Mr. Leiper’s position as Hatch’s feeder. He was responsible for infusing some Morgan Whitehackle blood and along with the green-legged Thompson blood which Mr. Hatch put in, made up the breeding of his fowl.

    In 1942, Mr. Hatch had his feeder (Mathesius) dispose of all his fowl. E. W. Law draw up the contract in which C.C. Cooke of Oklahoma purchased approximately 125 stags and pullets, 125 cocks and hens for the sum of two thousand dollars. Before this, no Hatch fowl have ever been sold.

    The Hatch fowl came both green and yellow-legged, pea and straight-combed. Mr. Hatch considered these one family and even though his fowl were low-headed and poor cutters, they possess a tremendous kick and were desperately game.

    Around 1946 Mr. Hatch passed away but today, 41 years later, still the Hatch (type) fowl offers power and gameness as foundation stock. This alone should be testimony enough for the man and his fowl.

    Joanne and Patt

    Source: The Gamecock Magazine, April 1987
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