Thought for the day. I personally have been around game fowl since I was a Kid. My Grandfather owned a Pit in Cuba and raised and showed Roosters there and here in Florida when it was still legal. Now with that being said, I see people that get in to this Hobby and think that they Know it all in a few short years lets say 10 yrs. Friends I can Honestly say that I am pushing 60 yrs old and still learn new things about these Awesome Birds every year..NO ONE knows it All, No One.. I also see people get in to this hobby and Bark & make a lot of noise on these sites and in a few short years are getting out and never heard from or Seen again.. WHY?? Because its not in there Blood... its just a Fad to be cool or to show off how macho they are ETC... Its not a way of life to them and they got in to this Hobby for All the Wrong reasons and they never last... Here today, Gone Tomorrow!!! This Hobby to me is a way of Life. It has been this way to me since I was a Kid helping my Grandfather Feed, water and raise his Game fowl . I will be in this Hobby until the day comes that I can no longer care for the birds and then it will be time for me to get out.. I love the Sound of my Roosters crowing in the Morning as I sit on my Back porch having my morning cup of Coffee.. No sweeter sound exist in my Book. Well enough of this Old Mans Rants. Just thought I would vent. May you All have a Blessed day and be safe.. yf Al Sanchez