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Thread: Return to the subject of High Pointed gaffs

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    Return to the subject of High Pointed gaffs

    I the early "70's", I met Jack "Preacher" Jessup at his place in Arlington, Tx, we roamed his yard for several hours and I soaked up his gamefowl knowledge as he spoke. After the tour he told me to pick any cock and hen I liked, I spotted a pea-headed grey with yellow legs and he selected a hen that matched his looks, he then informed me the cock was a 7 time winner and the pair were Murphy Greys, I took them to my yard and started raising out of them. Now before I left Preacher told me to never heel them in anything but high point gaffs and they would win for me. I raised stags out of the for a couple of years and a buddy of mine bought all my stags every year after he bought the second years crop of stags, he asked me why I wasn't fighting them myself. I explained I didn't own heels and really didn't have the knowledge, so gave me a pair of S.K. full-drop bayonet high point gaffs and that was what I fought all my fowl. For years, I had only 2 pair of gaffs in my box the gifted bayonets and a pair of regulation gaffs and I never had one to break a leg in those bayonets, as for the regulation gaffs they were endlessly hanging up. I fought in Oklahoma until cock fighting was made illegal and I miss it terribly. Thanks for letting an old man ramble.

    Keep'em breaking high,

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    Re: Return to the subject of High Pointed gaffs

    Those Murphies were tremenfous fowl, sure that grey cross was also. Gremlin, I could see them being quite successful with high points! If they had his Murphy stroke to em, oh yes.

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