Florida is implementing new poultry import requirements. See attached for announcement and Ruling.

Must be certified as NPIP AI Clean farm or birds are tested AI negative within 21 days of moving into FL. Contact their office if you have questions: 850-410-0900
The primary changes to the routine importation requirements for poultry and poultry products entering Florida include:· Required pre-import AI testing for poultry not originating from NPIP AI Clean flocks. The test must be done within 21 days of entry into Florida for those poultry originating from a non-HPAI affected state and within 7 days for poultry originating from outside a control zone in a HPAI affected state. · Exemption from Prior Permission Number,1. international transshipments through Florida, and 2. hatching eggs and chicks less than 4 days of age originating from National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) AI Clean flocks.